Saturday, October 4, 2008

New News

Xbox Ambassadors:
Well the trainees should become official ambassadors in a few weeks. It can't be right now because Trixie is at a Tournament thing at LA so don't expect it this week. But trixie did announce on that the new ambassadors will be announced on the Ambassador forum so your masters can tell you if you have been accepted or not.
Xbox Slim:
Yes the rumor that has been floating around for years was brought back to life when a Xbox India Employee said there working on a Xbox Slim. I know what you guys are thinking about great more over heating. Don't worry you guys this is still a rumor that could be crushed any day now.
Xbox Accessories:
Well the Red Xbox360 controller pack was released on the 30th the pack comes with a red controller and a play and charge kit for $69.99. Go ahead and look for it around Best Buy and other retailers.
The Xbox Live Vision pack has been spotted for $49.99 for the original over 70 dollar price tag.

What Does the XBL Vision Cam Pack come with?

  • Xbox Vision Cam
  • 12 Month Gold Card
  • 200 Microsoft Points
  • And 2 free arcade games

And also remember the Rock Band 2 bundle edition comes out on the 19th of this month.

Game News:

Well a draft of games are coming but I just recently bought Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise it's a great game for newcomers and for fans of the series. It helps if you have the XBL vision cam though.

Lego Batman: Well made game very fun game and a easy 1000/1000 GS you just have to play through the game once.

I already pre ordered Fable II, Fallout 3 etc. And I can't wait for all the games coming out this month.

Reminder: Silent Hill Homecoming is findable in some retailers all across the globe same with Saints Row II.